The super-kawaii, super-soft Shiba Inu Dog Body Pillow accompanies you to dreamland when you're doge-gone tired.

Sad Shiba Inu Dog Body Pillow

This sleeping man's (or woman's) best friend from Livheart is one of the company's most popular animal body pillows. The “fur” is composed of polyester and polyurethane for ease of cleaning and long-lasting durability.

The material on the pooch-pillow's pale belly has a cooling effect when placed against the skin – just what you need on those sweltering dog days (and nights) of summer!

Sad Shiba Inu Dog Body Pillow

The Shiba Inu Dog Body Pillow measures 29” long by 13” wide by 7” deep. That's big enough to be the perfect bedside – bed-inside, actually – companion yet small enough not to crowd you out of your own futon. You'll have to get a real live cat if you're into the latter.

Want to sleep like a dog, with a dog? Doesn't everyone? For more information, please visit OMG Japan's English language product page or Pricing and availability may vary but one thing's for certain: you can't pay with Doge Coin.

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