bear baiting bans
Tyson  (image via Four Paws)


Animal baiting or bear baiting is the sickening tradition of using captive animals that are restrained to teach hunting dogs aggressive tactics for subduing prey. It's an absolutely barbaric practice that has been used for hundreds of years with a lengthy history as a blood sport for entertainment purposes as well.

An animal welfare group known as Four Paws International has been working hard to ban the activity where it still occurs, and now a sad bear named Tyson living in the Ukraine is benefiting from their efforts.

Bear Baiting Bans

In 2015, the Ukrainian government enacted a bear baiting ban in response to changing views on animal welfare. It's this shift that is allowing Tyson, after 16 traumatic years of being used as a bait animal for hunting dogs, to be rescued and relocated to his new home at the Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr, where he will reside with five other bears in a species appropriate sanctuary near the city of Lviv.

Hunting Stations

Tyson, like many other bears, was kept chained up at a remote hunting station. While the laws are gradually changing, the new ban only prohibits the barbaric tradition of bear baiting itself, not the ability to keep bears at hunting stations in general. Due to this, the creatures continue to be privately owned in the region and subjected to attacks. Four Paws estimates there are still 20 bears held captive there, prompting the group to continue their call for tightening the law.

Donations for Animal Welfare Groups

Most animal welfare groups are non-profits who rely on donations from the general public for the funding of these causes. Without our donations and our support more animals will be left to languish in unimaginable conditions and treated with cruelty. Over the next few years, the Domazhyr bear sanctuary is hoping to expand from just 19 acres to more than 50, with the ability to accommodate up of 30 bears. If you'd like to help, you can donate here.