The Russian seaside town of Zelenogradsk, in an effort to show the world how much it cares for cats, has hired a “Cat Chief” to mind the city's stray kitties.  

Russian Town Hires 'Cat Chief' To Manage 70 Local Strays

All hail Svetlana Logunova, the new Cat Chief of Zelenogradsk! No, this isn't the title of an obscure Soviet children's book. Logunova was chosen from around 80 applicants to the paid (5,700 rubles or $85 per month) position of official cat guardian.  

Zelenogradsk – formerly the German resort town of Kranz – is attempting to reinvent itself as a tourist destination catering to cat lovers. Authorities have already installed a large statue of a cat, added a cat to the town's official emblem, and opened the “Murarium” cat museum inside a century-old former water tower.

Russian Town Hires 'Cat Chief' To Manage 70 Local Strays

There's nothing like the human touch, however, and thus it was deemed necessary to have a “Cat Chief” to oversee 70-odd stray cats who call Zelenogradsk home. Besides the monthly paycheck, the position included a bicycle with a basket along with a snazzy uniform consisting of an emerald green jacket and hat. Video can be viewed at SBS News.

Located in Kaliningrad Oblast (formerly part of pre-war German East Prussia) on the shore of the Baltic Sea, Zelenogradsk can be snowy in wintertime: let's hope that bicycle's been fitted with all-season tires.

Russian Town Hires 'Cat Chief' To Manage 70 Local Strays

But back to the kittehs and their new Cat Chief, Svetlana Logunova. As a long-term resident of Zelenogradsk, Logunova presumably knows where to find the local strays when distributing food. Even so, Logunova finds herself being stretched thin by the demands of this otherwise purr-fect job.

“I alone cannot care for every single one and a helping hand would go a long way,” stated Logunova to The Moscow Times. It's not known whether a potential helper would be paid, or if a bright green Assistant Cat Chief uniform would be issued. One can only hope.