You don't have to be a Sea Snake to enjoy seafood but it helps to have a forked tongue when wrangling a meal from the watery depths.

Russian Snake Catches a Fish

Call him the Vladimir Putin of snakes: a Russian reptile who invaded a different environment to conquer a lunch most of its brethren would find far too difficult to tackle. Not only did the scaly serpent land its quarry without the use of a rod & reel, it did so shirtless. We repeat, shirtless.  

Russian Snake Catches a Fish

Give our reptilian rockstar added credit for bringing home the caviar (and its container) without the benefit of venom. Based on its distinctive scale pattern, our fishin' magician would appear to be a non-venomous Coronella austriaca, colloquially known as a Smooth Snake. One can't argue a land snake landing a fish is one smooth move, eh comrade?

Russian Snake Catches a Fish

Smooth Snakes range from roughly 60-75cm (24 to 30 inches) in length, and usually subdue their prey by constriction. In this case, the first trick would be holding the fish down on the beach until it stopped struggling. The snake's next move, unfortunately unrecorded by the photographer, would be successfully swallowing its catch.

Could it be this daring darling of the herpetological set has bit off more than it could chew? Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is, don't be Russian into areas where you don't belong. Just sayin'.


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