A video of a knife-wielding man slicing up a ripe, juicy watermelon and sharing it with his hungry pet brown bear is making the viral rounds on Russian social media.

Russian Man Shares Watermelon With Pet Bear

The young brown bear appears to be well-behaved, displaying a modicum of table manners – for a bear, at least. An unmannerly bear would likely consume the melon without waiting for it to be sliced, followed by an attack on the man (and the woman filming the feeding) if more melons weren't proffered like, immediately.     

Russian Man Shares Watermelon With Pet Bear

While we're aware of situations where brown bears in the former USSR and its East Bloc neighbors have been abusively trained to “dance” and perform tricks for tourists while being held captive in terrible conditions, this particular bruin seems to be enjoying life (and lunch) in the company of caring people. Watch the video from Instagram member Sveltan_nko69 here – and let's hope appearances aren't deceiving. 


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