An apparently car-less Russian gent has found a new, nifty and thrifty way to take his cat out for a spin.     

The silver-haired senior in this video posted at English Russia takes his cat to a local playground, not that there's anything wrong with that. Hey, lots of folks bring their pets to the park, leashed or unleashed, to share the peaceful tranquility only an urban green space can bring.

Russian Man & His Cat Set New Whirl Record At Playground

Not all of them encourage their pets to play on the playground equipment, though... and precious few pets (cats, especially) have any interest in doing so. Then there's this post-soviet dude and his rather fluffy, exceptionally relaxed feline friend, for whom a visit to the playground is an ideal opportunity to act like regular folks... and by “regular folks”, we mean young couples or single moms with pre-school-age kids.

The video is a mere 28-seconds long but that's plenty long enough to show this unique example of camaraderie (or comrade-ry, being this is the former USSR) in action. Is the man sad because he has no children or grandkids of his own? Is the cat feeling a tad dizzy, only tolerating the elderly gent's idiosyncrasies 'cuz he's the prime caregiver and feeder? We may never know, and that's OK: their playground visit may seem poignant but one hopes it brings them a sense of peace – and gently cheers those who witness it.