From the “only in Russia” file comes this tale of a spoiled cat whose owner rigged up a night-glowing bridge for his cat to use any time of the day – or night.

Russian Apartment Dweller Builds Glow-In-The-Dark Bridge For His Cat

Vladimir Semenov lives in a first floor apartment in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad, and even more formerly Tsaritsyn), Russia, and he shares his digs with his cat, Ryzhik. The cat's name translates to “Redhead” even though by all appearances the feline is a black & white “tuxedo” cat. Hey, who are we to judge?

In any case, Ryzhik is one very independent cat – so much so, that Semenov decided he would build his pet a personal entrance into the apartment. One might think that being on the first floor of the building, a simple cat door would suffice but then, you're not Vladimir Semenov.

Russian Apartment Dweller Builds Glow-In-The-Dark Bridge For His Cat

If you ARE Vladimir Semenov, then a simple cat door simply would not suffice. Instead, the caring cat-owner created a wooden staircase-like latticed structure that combines elements of massive suspension bridges with LED lighting effects straight out of the movie Tron. The lighting helps Ryzhik navigate the er, catwalk with ease – perhaps he's not aware cats enjoy superb night vision.

Semenov also installed a rest area of sorts halfway along the walkway just in case Ryzhik feels the need for a cat nap mid-trip. Now you (and we) can mock Semenov all we want for over-indulging his pet but give the guy credit: the whole project took just three days from start to finish. Pray he's not appointed Russia's Minister of Transportation Infrastructure. (via English Russia)