As much as we love our pet vets for all the good they do, some otherwise remarkable animal docs can't get their medical message across without raising an eyebrow.  

The Top 10 Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Signs


1) Right to Barrier Arms

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

So the Thames Barrier Arms tavern closed and the Barrier Animal Care Clinic now occupies the premises? Sad for neighborhood publicans perhaps but at least local pet-owners have another health care option. Wait, their new sign is written in Comic Sans? Truly history's greatest monsters! (weird veterinarian sign images via Andrew Bowden (2014) above and Ewan Munro (2009) at top)   


2) Smogcatcher

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

Sure, dog breath can be considered a form of air pollution but this is ridiculous! Thank goodness a San Diego DVM is partnering with the California DMV to ensure both your car AND your pet don't make a smelly situation worse. (weird veterinarian sign image via Larry Gilbert     


3) Committed Pet Owners

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

Welcome to Pet Asylum, a place very much like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest”... with actual cuckoos! Toss in a few krazy kats and mad dogs for variety, and be sure to hire Nurse Rat-ched to oversee the manic monkeyshines. (weird veterinarian sign image via Sean Hoyer)      


4) Dick Spotted

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

Take your trouser snake to the vet? That's an arrestin' pretty much anywhere, though perhaps not in Edinburgh, Scotland. Be a good lad and keep that thing under your kilt, where it belongs. (weird veterinarian sign image via Shawn Chin)

5) Chickup Time

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

Pet owners in Puebla, Mexico can now bring their critter to the vet on their lunch hour and bring home another, different critter for dinner! This innovative one-stop-pet-shop-meat-shop seems happy to give you the bird... if you give them yours first. (weird veterinarian sign image via katiebordner)                      


6) Sick Deal

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

Subway hasn't performed well since they dropped the Five Dollar Footlong but what's a chain of overabundant sandwich shops to do? Looks like someone's found a solution; one that'll leave customers wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth and biting down on everything in sight. (weird veterinarian sign image via Erica Zabowski)   


7) Copacetic!

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his veterinarian? But hey, never mind Bender's insolence, you won't find a Carnivale cruise that's more fun than this Brazilian veterinarian. Man, that's a lot of veterinarians. (weird veterinarian sign image via Map of the Urban Linguistic Landscape)        


8) America's Meowst Wanted

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

Wow, it would seem even pets get Stockholm Syndrome. Either that, or this cool cat's created the most passive-aggressive cry for help EVAR. (weird veterinarian sign image via ManhattanCatSpecialists)            


9) Sirenity Now

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

TIL dogs in Scotland have their own ambulances. It's a slippery slope, I tells ya! Next thing ya know, they'll be demandin' their own obedience schools. You'd think that cats might be jealous but then again, they've already got the Catbus. (weird veterinarian sign image via The.Comedian)         


10) Blind MIce's Revenge

Weird & Bizarre Veterinarian Sign

And you thought de-clawing was bad, and that manufacturing cat's eye jewelry was a victimless process. For chrysoberyl's sake, people, wake up and help put a stop to- ahh, it seems this sign refers to a kind of road-marking reflector that occasionally requires replacement. Good to know... now where's mah kitty, we both need a big hug! (weird veterinarian sign image via brett jordan



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