RuffDawg Ball

RuffDawg Ball


The Pet Independent Innovations Awards selects products that represent the best in their product categories for the year. There's a category for "Best Ball Toy" and this year it was won by the RuffDawg Ball. You can certainly see how cute it looks in a dog's mouth....


RuffDawg Ball Solid Rubber Dog Toy


RuffDawg Ball

RuffDawg Ball


...but the RuffDawg Ball is even more special than that! It's indestructable! Even lifetime guaranteed!

The RuffDawg Ball comes in Ball (2.5", for dogs up to 40 pounds) and Ball XL (3.5", for dogs over 40 pounds or who are destroyers). 


RuffDawg Ball

RuffDog Ball XL


What else is special about the RuffDawg Ball? 

  • Made in the U.S. of 100 percent rubber
  • Recyclable
  • FDA-approved materials, free of phthalates, latex and BPAs
  • Great for dogs who love to retrieve
  • Floats on water
  • Bounces high
  • Bright neon colors
  • Rubber is flexible; great for dogs who are chewers!


Sounds like the perfect dog ball!


I noticed that many of the RuffDawg toys have the same or similar qualities as the Ball, and they are also very cool! Here are a few more toys I thought special:


RuffDawg Football Flyer Rubber Dog Toy


Ruff Dawg Football Throw Toy

RuffDawg Football Flyer Rubber Dog Toy


The Football Flyer is a hit with its attached finger holder that can be used to give the flyer a good spring in its bounce. RuffDawg writes its Flyers "...can be tossed by the handle or “launched” by holding the handle loop firmly in one hand while pulling back on the toy end with the other to create some tension. Release the toy end and let it fly!" This toys sound great for dogs who have a sense of humor!

The Flyer is about 9.25 inches high, but it looks as if about half of that height is the tosser.

The Football Flyer has a 'gummy' texture, like the RuffDawg Ball at top.


RuffDawg Flying Fish & Minnow


RuffDawg Flying Fish & Minnow

RuffDawg Flying Fish


Does the Flying Fish float your boat? You bet! And just like the RuffDawg toys above, the RuffDawg Flying Fish & Minnow both float, so if your 'dawg' loves the water, these RuffDawg 100 percent rubber toys will work. The Flying Fish is 9.5 inches and is for medium and large dogs, and the Minnow, 6 inches long, is for tiny and small dogs. They both come in bright neon colors and are cute as heck!


These are my faves, but there are many more RuffDawg safe toys for dogs you can visit here. Congrats, meanwhile to RuffDawg for winning the 2019 Pet Independent Innovations Awards for Best Ball Toy!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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