Sent to the doghouse again? You won't be alone at any of these 10 real towns, islands and streets named after dogs. Oh and by the way... "Chihuahua", Mexico wasn't named after a dog, it was the other way around! 

Real Places Named After Dogs - Dogpool Lane, Birmingham


10) Dogpool Lane – Birmingham, UK

Real Places Named After Dogs - Dogpoo Lane, Birmingham

Welcome to Dogpool Lane, a paved pathway through Selly Park in fun-loving Birmingham, UK... and by "fun-loving", we mean the propensity for otherwise upstanding citizens to tipex (England english for "whiteout") one of the Ls in the sign.

Perhaps it's a passive-aggressive protest aimed at dog-walkers who too often fail to stoop and scoop, or maybe Beavis & Butthead were vacationing in the UK. (dog town images 1 and 2 via Elliott Brown)    


9) Dogtown – St. Louis, MO

10 Real Places Named After Dogs - Dogtown, St. Louis, MO

Dogtown, a traditionally Irish section of St. Louis, got its name from the many small clay and coal mines that dotted the area in the mid-1800s.

In the parlance of the day, doghouses, dogholes and dogmines referenced mining activity, which explains the many "Dogtowns" that still exist in the USA today. (dog town image via Paul Sableman)    


8) Isle of Dogs – London, UK

10 Real Places Named After Dogs - Isle of Dogs, London

The Isle of Dogs is a district in central London, UK bordered on three sides by the Thames River. Though the name has been in use for ages, it had no official status until 1987 when the Tower Hamlets London Borough Council created the Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood.

Presumably no dogs were harmed in the making of this official neighborhood. (dog town image via Elliott Brown)    


7) Black Dog Halt station – Wiltshire, UK

10 Real Places Named After Dogs = Black Dog Halt station, Wiltshire

Black Dog Halt is a disused railway station on the Chippenham and Calne line in Wiltshire, England. The station was active for just over a century, closing in 1965 with the tracks being removed in 1967.

These days, the signs are all that's left of Black Dog Halt station, which now overlooks a portion of National Cycle Route 403. (dog town image via Richard Szwejkowski)     


6) Dogtown – Cape Ann, MA

10 Real Places Named After Dogs - Dogtown, Cape Ann, MA

The Dogtown that once existed near Gloucester, MA is rare in that it's name has nothing to do with mining. Instead, legend states that female homesteaders whose husbands were away fighting in the Revolutionary War would keep dogs for protection and companionship.

By the mid-1800s, however, most residents had left Dogtown (the last few having been accused of practicing witchcraft) and many of their released pets had turned feral. (dog town image via Brian Herzog)                      


5) Red Dog – Nevada County, CA

10 Real Places Named After Dogs - Red Dog, Nevada County, CA

Red Dog (also known as Brooklin or Brooklyn) was a Gold Rush mining town that at its peak boasted a population of about 300 - Mark Twain made a stop in Red Dog during his 1866 lecture tour.

Today, all that's left of Red Dog is a miner's cemetery and Red Dog road. (dog town image via configmanager)                                   


4) Houndsditch – Aldgate, London, UK

10 Real Places Named After Dogs - Houndsditch, Aldgate, London

Back to Jolly Olde England, where things weren't always as jolly as they are today. Need an example? According to photographer and Flickr member George Rex, the name of this street in London's Aldgate district "dates back to the 13th century, from the numerous dead dogs once discarded in the City's defensive ditch at this location."

Suddenly, whiting-out Ls from street signs doesn't seem so bad. (dog town image via George Rex)                       


3) Dogtown – Marin County, CA

10 Real Places Named After Dogs - Dogtown, Marin County, CA

Welcome to lovely Dogtown, California, where the elevation is higher than the population! This village in the San Francisco Bay Area's North Bay was originally founded by miners and lumberjacks who were known for keeping hunting dogs.

Back then, the village was officially known as Woodville but after the sawmills closed in the 1870s, the name reverted to its long-time nickname of Dogtown. Dogs, y'see, never close. (dog town image via John Blower)                    


2) Dog Island – Bluff, New Zealand

10 Real Places Named After Dogs - Dog Island, New Zealand

Dog Island is a roughly dog-shaped island located in the Foveaux Strait just of the southern coast of New Zealand's South Island. The island hosts Dog Island Lighthouse, New Zealand's tallest lighthouse and one of its oldest as well, dating from 1865.

Dog Island has been uninhabited since 1989 when the lighthouse was made fully automatic. (dog town image via Natalia Volna itravelNZ@ travel app)


1) Dog River – Rouleau, Saskatchewan

10 Real Places Named After Dogs - Dog River, Rouleau, Saskatchewan

Dog River may be one of the most well-known towns in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, thanks to the popular CTV television program Corner Gas. The thing is, "Dog River" doesn't actually exist - the show was filmed on location in the small town of Rouleau.

That said, fans of the show who visit Rouleau will note the words "Dog River" on the nearest grain elevator to the film set at the junction of Highways 39 and 714. Oh, and don't be lookin' for The Littlest Hobo... he doesn't exist regardless of what Hank believes. (dog town image via Geoff Sowrey        

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