After washing, feeding and pampering your furry friend, it’s time to take that devotedly spoiled pooch out for a walk before Bowser starts to get a bit too bulky. As adorable as your special little canine companion is, nothing catches the fickle eye of other sophisticated dog walkers quite like a fancy collar. It’s a good thing that there is a huge selection of impressive collars from the designers at Red Hound!

Sure, you’ve got a nice and comfy harness and a practical leash, but you shouldn’t have to settle for a bland off-the-shelf collar. After all, a collar hangs around your puppy’s neck to do two things: hold a license tag and to look good. Why get by with something dull, when you can go for something as chic and ornate as the “Elements” Red Hound collars? I really like the chocolate and amethyst coloring and patterns of the Earth collar, but if your canine is more like Air, Water or Fire, I encourage you to go with their allied element.

Prep School collars by Red HoundPrep School collars by Red Hound

Some of my other favorite designs from Red Hound’s collection of thick, full-grain leather collars include the blue and bumpy City Slicker pebble collar, tropical Hawaii 5-0 collar and the small mustard Prep School collars. You can easily tell that many hours of work went into designing every series, and the ultra-rugged construction of each will ensure that your investment is as tasteful as it is long-lasting.

City Slicker collars from Red HoundCity Slicker collars from Red Hound

Click here to see the entire Red Hound collection for yourself. What Red Hound styles would look best on your dog? Be sure to share your favorite doggie collar styles in the comments!

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