Rocco The Parrot Rocks Merch On Alexa

What is "Alexa Voice Shopping?" If you are unaware, it might interest you to know that birds are quite familiar with the technology. Well, maybe not all birds, but one feathered friend in particular is not only savvy about this device, they are actually using it to order treats. That's right. Rocco, an African grey parrot, according to his owner Marion Wischnewski has "fallen in love" with the the Echo, and has used Amazon's Alexa to order merchandise, and play his favorite tunes.

Rocco's Bio

As a stray, Rocco found his way to the National Animal Trust Sanctuary in Hertfordshire, England. His profile according the NAWT was quite colorful. As a naughty and foul-mouthed bird, he swore regularly and was known to throw his water bowl around. His mischief prompted staff member Wischnewski to agree to re-home him.

This African Grey has a reputation that proceeds him. According to the World Association Association of Zoos and Aquariums he is one of the best talkers of all parrots in the country.

Not only do Greys mimic speech, they mimic it in a human-like voice that's hard to separate from the real thing.. They are also known to repeat sounds with incredible accuracy, from dripping faucets to construction equipment.

Hitting the Headlines

Rocco has hit the headlines of many publications in a big way. From The Sun and Daily Mail to the Fox News he's even bi-partisan.

His story has also been featured in the BBC, ITV, People, Lad Bible and Huffington Post, in addition to CBS and Times of India.


Ordering on Alexa

Rocco is so smart, he can mimic his owner and instruct Echo to buy his favorite fruits and vegetables, if he thinks he's running short on certain merch.

His Alexa-powered shopping list includes broccoli, ice creams, watermelon and raisins. Then there were odd times, like light bulbs and kites his owner was receiving but knew she never ordered. Soon after, Wischnewski put two and two together, and realized what what happening in her household, when she was out of earshot.

Apart from shopping online, Rocco is an expert in instructing Alexa to play his favorite tunes by his favorite band -- the Kings of Leon.

Shopping via an Alexa device is easier than ever and in many cases. savvy shoppers can use it to score dozens of discounted merchandise. But word to the wise, if you have a smart parrot sitting on a perch nearby, perhaps you might want to disengage your Echo, when leave the house.

Primary Source: National Animal Welfare Trust