The Nemurieru sleep aid puppy may look like a plush miniature Dachshund but deep within its zippered breast lurks a robotic heart that gently “beats” you to sleep.        

Nemurieru miniature Dachshund sleep-aid puppy

The Nemurieru miniature Dachshund puppy is one of a series of plush puppies, kittens and forest creatures incorporating the so-called Nemuriale Sleeping Gear.

When activated, this rounded, robin's-egg-blue plastic capsule gently emits the sound of a human heart beating at a serene and steady rate.     

Nemurieru miniature Dachshund sleep-aid puppy

The theory is that when held closely by a wannabe-sleeper, the more relaxing rhythm of the robotic beat will guide the human's vital signs to a place more optimal for peaceful sleep.

The Amazon seller's ad copy plainly states this is “not a medical device” and it “works differently among individuals”, though the admittedly small number of customer reviews are all quite positive. YMMV (“your mileage may vary”), as the old saying goes.

Nemurieru miniature Dachshund sleep-aid puppy

A trio of LR44 button batteries are included, though they are specified to be “test” batteries which should probably be replaced soon after purchase. Lord only knows what will happen should the Nemurieru miniature Dachshund puppy's heart stop suddenly while your sleeping self is clutching it... nothing, probably, but now that we've freaked you out, go buy some danged batteries!

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