The road less traveled just got safer thanks to these weird animal road crossing signs that tell us no matter how rare and unusual a creature may be, it still wants to cross the road in one piece.   

Weird Sinclair Dinosaur Road Crossing Sign


1) Emu Crossing Sign

Weird Emu Road Crossing Sign

Birds are just latter-day dinosaurs according to paleontologists, which is somewhat ironic considering fossil fuels power most of the vehicles posing the greatest danger to these dino-descendants. At least the flightless emus featured in Aussie warning signs like the one above won't chase your car like the angry T Rex from Jurassic Park. (animal road crossing sign images via Greg Schechter above and yuan2003 at top)   


2) Orangutan Crossing Sign

Weird Orangutan Road Crossing Sign

There's an orange primate roaming around our nation's capitol... no, not that one, the other one. How to tell the difference, you ask? Well, one shouts “No collusion!” while the other pleads “No collision!” (animal road crossing sign image via Artep ^_^)       


3) Turkey Crossing Sign

Weird Turkey Road Crossing Sign

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly,” lamented WKRP in Cincinnati's beleaguered station manager Arthur (aka “Artemus” aka "Big Guy") Carlson, presumably after driving through a flock of the gobbling critters. Good thing these signs are in place to deter other drivers from knocking the stuffing out of the tasty beasts. (animal road crossing sign image via Bruce Fingerhood    


4) Penguin & Child Crossing Sign

Weird Penguin & Child Road Crossing Sign

OK, so either penguins and children are both crossing the road here, or drivers should watch out for kids being led astray by giant penguins. Hey, it could happen! Someone start shining the Bat Signal, this looks like a job for the Caped Crusader and his sidekick, H.P. Lovecraft. (animal road crossing sign image via Ron Mader)        


5) Otter Crossing Sign

Weird Otter Road Crossing Sign

Why I otter... er, watch out for the dang-nabbed otters crossing the dang-nabbed road. Now why, pray tell, would these sinuous semi-aquatic mammals want to cross a street in far-northern Scotland. To get to the otter side, of course! (animal road crossing sign image via Murray Barnes)                     


6) Pademelon Crossing Sign

Weird Pademelon Road Crossing Sign

C'mon Australia, now you're just making creatures up and... wait, this thing exists? Evidently so: the Tasmanian Pademelon (Thylogale billardierii) looks like a smallish kangaroo and spends much of its time in forested areas. Like their more well-known relatives, pademelons get around by hopping though apparently they're not very quick – hence the need for these signs. (animal road crossing sign image via Eli Duke  


7) Salmon Crossing Sign

Weird Salmon Road Crossing Sign

“Salmon Crossing” sounds like a cool band name or even better, a small town, which is not that unusual since there actually IS an actual town named “Salmon Arm”. All we need now are some Salmon Legs and the sign above would make a lot more sense. (animal road crossing sign image via Bit Boy)      


8) Cassowary Crossing Sign

Weird Cassowary Road Crossing Sign

Kudos to the anonymous artist who “improved” a bump-in-the-road sign to better reflect the consequences of ignoring the Cassowary Crossing sign just above it. By the way, cassowaries can weigh up to 130 lbs (58.5 kg) and sport dagger-like claws that grow up to 5 inches (125 mm) in length. Get one mad and YOU might be the one going belly-up. (animal road crossing sign image via Debbie Ducic         


9) Swan Crossing Sign

Weird Swan Road Crossing Sign

This swan crossing sign has DANGER in big red block letters but last time we checked, swans couldn't read... so who, exactly, is endangered by their crossings? Maybe they're gonna neck you into submission while humming a - wait for it - swan song. (animal road crossing sign image via William Murphy    


10) Monkey Crossing Sign

Weird Monkey Road Crossing Sign

So speedy (40 kph, bro!) monkeys are causing traffic issues in Costa Rica... you'd think that would engender a little respect from drivers but NO, they mock the poor poop-flinging primates by pasting stickers all over this sign. One might refer to such mischief as... monkey business. (animal road crossing sign image via StickerGiant Custom Stickers & Labels)


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