A grateful retiree is saying 'thanks a lotto' to her mischievous cat after a Powerball ticket swept under her bed by the frisky feline won her a cool fifty grand.

Retiree Wins Big On Cat-Scattered Powerball Ticket

Old and busted: the dog ate my homework. New hotness: the cat hid my lottery ticket. Best result: unlike your mutt-masticated math assignment, a 67-year-old Baltimore woman was able to “hand in” the missing missive and claim her just reward, which in this case was a Powerball prize worth $50,000. That'll but a LOT of cat food for Pumpkin, the ticket-nicking kitten!

According to staff at the Maryland Lottery, Pumpkin's owner bought a bunch of Powerball tickets at a local Giant store back on February 23rd. After returning home, she left the tickets on her bedroom nightstand, as was her usual practice. That's where Pumpkin comes in, to do something UNusual.

Retiree Wins Big On Cat-Scattered Powerball Ticket

“What I didn't know is that after my cat knocked some papers off my nightstand, a few of my tickets ended up falling behind my bed,” explained Pumpkin's very tolerant owner. “I didn’t see the additional papers behind my bed until I did some spring cleaning.” A quick check of the two-month-old tickets revealed that one was a winner.

“I don't have big plans for the money,” she added. “I will pay off some home improvement projects and donate 10 percent to my church. I will use some of this money to help people.” Sorry, Pumpkin, she said “people” so don't hang around with your paw out. You could always try blaming it on the dog though. (images via Ernest Pagarigan and Elvert Barnes)