Pippa lives in Whitstable, Kent, England, with one very grateful family. She has become both guardian angel as well as night nurse to daughter, Mia, who suffers from Type One Diabetes.

Pippa Is Rescued By The RSPCA

The RSPCA of the Canterbury and Dover district branch found Pippa in a box outside a shop. They took the tuxedo cat in and soon the Jansa family adopted the cat, who charmed them with her friendly, sweet and affectionate manner. This feline  became very attached to  eight-year-old diabetic, Mia, who needed  to check her  blood sugar throughout the day as well as eat or drink at different, designated  times in order to restore healthy blood sugar levels. But she was in danger at night when asleep because she often experienced hypoglycemic episodes, which if left untreated, could result in a coma and even death. (See: Pudding The Life-Saving Cat.)


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Pippa Becomes A Rescuer Herself

Pippa's incredible gift was discovered just a few weeks after she found her new home. The cat entered Mia's bedroom in the middle of the night and urgently woke her up. When the little girl tested her blood sugar levels, to her horror she found that they were dangerously low. Somehow, that became a trial test that was implanted in the mind of this loving cat. Every night since the incident, Pippa visits Mia. If she cannot wake her, she raises a kitty alarm. (See: Abigail the Pitt Bull.)

Before the family realized the importance of this cat's actions, if the cat could not  gain entry into Mia's bedroom at night, she would wake up her mother, Laura. According to Mrs. Jansa:

"We quickly realized that she was warning us. If Mia didn't wake up, then she would come to my door and meow constantly. She comes onto my bed, walks onto my pillow and across me until I wake up. She really makes her presence felt and she won't take no for an answer. She knows that it's important that I get up and help Mia." Since the Jansa family adopted Pippa, she has saved Mia's life about twenty times. (See: Buddy The Cat Saves Owner From Heart Attackhttp://petslady.com/article/buddy-cat-saves-florida-owner-heart-attack.)

Beth Hixson, manager of the RSPCA branch that  found Pippa, said of this extraordinary  cat: "The cat was dumped in a box outside  a shop in Dartford. She had such a sweet nature, but I couldn't believe it when I heard how she was helping Mia. I get goose-bumps; it's so amazing. She is one very special cat and she obviously has a very close bond with Mia." (See: Cat Named Tink Saves Family From Fire.)

Pippa's caretaker, Laura Jansa, told Radio 5 Live Breakfast: "We don't reward her with treats  because we   don't want to encourage false alarms, but she gets plenty of cuddles instead. It gives me extra peace of mind to know  that someone else is  keeping an eye on Mia...Pippa is one in a million, definitely." See: Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)

Good job, Pippa! Keep up the good work.

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Source: BBC