A rescued Blue Jay named Flop isn't just the cat's meow, the bold bird can imitate the familiar feline mew after being raised in a house with pet cats.

Rescued Blue Jay Can Imitate Cat's Meow

Flop lives at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center in Tavernier, a town of just over 2,000 people located on Key Largo. Before that, however... well, let's say Flop hasn't lived in the wild since she was an egg – or just out of one. How do we know? Tell 'em, Flop: “MEOW!”  

It's obvious (and audio-ous) that Flop lived in close proximity to cats for most of her life. That wouldn't happen in the wild, of course. Take Flop's pal Flip for example. Flip is also a Blue Jay who's lived at the Center since a feral cat injured his wing in the course of an unsuccessful bird-napping. Nope, Flop picked up her startling accent from pet cats in a human's house.

Rescued Blue Jay Can Imitate Cat's Meow

“Flop is an example of what happens when human beings attempt to illegally keep and raise wildlife as a pet,” according to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center's Facebook page. “If she were to be released in the wild, Flop would be unable to survive. Flop is now a non-releasable permanent resident at our Wild Bird Sanctuary.”

You can see and hear Flop speaking Feline-ese in a video recorded and posted at the Center's Facebook page by Emma Neagu. As for Flop and Flip, please take time to pay them a visit if you're in the Key Largo area. Admission to the Center is free though donations are accepted and appreciated. (via Trip Advisor)


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