The Smith family hails from Bastrop County, Texas. They are supremely grateful to their dog, Chrome, who warned them of the fire that destroyed their home and almost cost them their lives.

Chrome Awakened His Owner To Danger

The family was sound asleep when Chrome awakened his mistress, Laura Smith,  about 1 am. At first, she wasn't concerned, as she thought he just needed access to the outside to relieve himself. She  was horrified when instead, the dog led her to the source of a growing fire in their home, stayed with her a moment and then lost no time rushing back up the hallway to alert her two sons, Alex, aged 12 and Ian, aged 7.  (See: Pit Bull  Rescues Humans and Five Canines From Fire.)


 Happy Chrome
Hero Chrome

The entire house and all of their belongings were destroyed in the devastating blaze, but everyone in the family escaped without injury In the words of Laura Smith:  "It was just my sons and I in the home. I do want to say that we did have smoke alarms; they were tested and working that week, but the two closest to the boys' room failed to go off, and the one closest to me went off after we were already out of the house. If Chrome hadn't awakened me, it would have been too late to get to the boys." (See; Cat Named Tink Saves Family From Fire.)


The Smith home
The Smith Home  Laura Smith

It  Was Love At First Sight

The Smiths rescued Chrome from Bastrup County Animal Shelter last November. Anna Watson, a full time volunteer at the shelter, did tell them that he had been a difficult dog to place because he was a creature of such high energy. But Laura fell in love with him at first sight. Laura believes she and Chrome were destined to be together. She said: "It had to be fate, something bigger, that put us together. I was not looking  for another dog and was only going to look, but when I saw him across the lot, I knew he was special. There were other dogs at the adoption event, puppies even, but  Chrome was the only dog for me. My son tried to get me to look at others, but it was love at first sight. I wasn't  leaving without him. There were definite tears of happiness while I was filling out the paperwork! Without Chrome, our family might not be here." (See; Hero Goat Saves Family From Fire.)

The Shelter Offers To Help The Smith Family

Chrome's heroics touched the hearts of those in charge of the county shelter from where he was adopted. They launched an initiative to help the Smith family get back on their feet, which so far has  raised $1,000. They have also provided Chrome with a special certificate commending his "heroic acts of bravery and love." and dog food and treats. Laura Smith told the press that she is putting the money both towards finding  a new home for her family and finishing  the pet deposits needed to keep Chrome. (See: Hero Dog Saves Owner From Fire.)

Laura Smith told US news channel, KXAN: "Chrome is definitely my hero. He's a good dog."

Good job, Chrome!  Kudos to you!

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