animal cruelty
Stewart's road to recovery


Usually, I try and write about positive stories with an uplifting spin, but that’s not always the reality of how life unfolds. Today, I’m bringing you a story that’s a total tearjerker, but I’m hoping that our readers may want to step in to change the story from a nightmarish tale of cruelty to that happily ever after ending we’d all like to imagine happens for all abused or neglected pets.

Animal Cruelty

The focus of this tale is about a sweet little dog named Stewart, an animal so neglected that after living in a tiny pet crate for years his spine is permanently curved. At this point, you may want to get the hankies out, because that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to Stewart’s spine now resembling the arch of a bridge, when the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were first notified of his plight they received pictures of a starving canine sporting Fu Manchu nails on paws completely devoid of hair.

Rescue dog discovered with permanently curved spine
Stewart when he was first brought in

Breathtaking for All the Wrong Reasons

The images of Stewart are so disturbing they make you gasp. Your thoughts immediately wander to who could do this and why? Of course, we’ll never know why or be able to understand it, because most people can’t wrap their heads around abuse like this. In addition to the physical scars of Stewart’s obviously years’ long ordeal are the signs we can’t see with the naked eye, like the fact his shrunken tummy was full of metal shavings when he first came in.

Getting Help

When the team at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC first laid eyes on Stewart they were understandably reduced to tears. They soon discovered that in addition to all of Stewart’s other maladies he had blood in his urine, he’s anemic and was most likely suffering from kidney failure along with debilitating malnutrition. Now that your hankies need wringing or replacing altogether, you’ll be happy to know that Stewart is receiving the help he so desperately needs.

animal neglect
A tummy full of metal

Making a Difference

This is where you come in. If these heartbreaking images have shaken you as badly as they’ve shaken me, the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC staff and just about anyone else that’s seen them, maybe you can find it within your heart and your budget to donate towards Stewart’s recovery. This is a desperate case above and beyond the usual case of bad pet parenting. In fact, run of the mill cases pale in comparison to Stewart’s situation, looking frivolous at best.

By clicking on this link, you can make a difference in this little dog’s life with a donation, even if it’s only a dollar you can afford. If you do contribute, remember to mark your donation “Stewart,” so that the funds find their way directly to his cause. If you simply can’t afford it, please help by passing the story along to as many people as you know in the hopes of generating further support for this badly neglected pet. He deserves better than he's received this far in life.

Stweart the rescue dog found with metal in his stomach
Stewart badly needs your help now!