Fearful folks who saw a large “alligator” in the river in New Braunfels, Texas can rest easy now that police have determined the toothy terror was merely a remote-controlled gator head.  

Remote-Controlled Alligator Head Alarms Texas Town

Don't try this at home, kids – though its unlikely the purported prank would work in a brightly-lit backyard swimming pool. But let's not get a head of ourselves, we'll leave that to the so-called “alligator” featured on Facebook and other social media sites of late.

Images and videos of the rogue roaming reptile had raised a fuss in New Braunfels, a town of approximately 70,000 located in south-central Texas. The ginormous gator was snapped serenely swimming in the very short Comal River and much longer Guadalupe River, leading concerned residents to contact the New Braunfels Police Department.

New Braunfels Police car

By August 4th of 2018, the NBPD had concluded their investigation into the creepy croc and determined, basically, that it was a crock. “Recent social media posts purporting to show an alligator in the Comal/Guadalupe Rivers in New Braunfels are a hoax,” according to a statement posted at the NBPD Facebook page.

“A remote-controlled alligator head was used to create photos and videos that you may have seen on Facebook and other social media sites. The hoax was apparently unintentional, but still may have caused some alarm. We hope this eases any fears.” It does... about the gator. Reports of remote-controlled policemen in the area have yet to be confirmed, however.