Hubcat (along with Bumper, the crash test dog) landed on toy store shelves back in 1991 but vanished just two years later after parents expressed concerns the toys were glorifying motor vehicle crashes and trivializing the plight of actual crash victims.  


Putting the “OW” in MEOW


Displaying contrasting black & yellow vector icon graphics and built with a concealed spring allowing the crash test kitty to be “flattened” by passing vehicles, Hubcat was a key component of Tyco's Incredible Crash Dummies universe before it all came to an end in 1993. Thanks, Obam-, er, Clinton.   



Crushed Test Dummy


Doubtless even fans of the TV series and toy line had long forgotten about Hubcat and his hard-knocks brethren but it seems even plastic cats have nine lives. Kudos to  blogger Toyriffic, who gleefully scooped up the depicted Hubcat at a local thrift store for just 25 cents crash, umm, cash.