Locking a dog in a parked car is never an option, unless of course you're a pet-owner from Moldova with a knack for DIY auto customizing.  

Redneck Air Conditioner Helps Keep Hot Dog Cool

As we only have these two photos to go on, some assumptions have to be made about why this cool, calm and collected pet is enjoying the benefits of an unusual automotive modification; one that appears to have been made via the application of extreme violence.

We'll pass on speculating about what happens when it rains, or if the switch on the dash that operates the rear window wiper has been taped-over or not.  

Redneck Air Conditioner Helps Keep Hot Dog Cool

The car itself would appear to be an early-1990s Opel Astra F in low-line trim. The license plates are Moldovan but the owner proudly displays the assumed-original license plate frame and “D” (for Deutschland) country ID sticker – what passes for cool in Moldova.

In any case, visiting the central cemetery in Chisinau (Moldova's capital city) on a sunny day is fine if you're a mourner, not so much if you're the mourner's dog who must wait in the car as a precaution: untimely digging and/or answering nature's call amongst the grave is, shall we say, a grave matter indeed. Good thing the pooch's owner is a righteous dude who's handy with a hammer. (via English Russia)


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