Cats of all (vint)ages will enjoy champagne dreams in these retired and recycled, wall-mounted, Napa Valley wine barrel cat beds.

Recycled Wine Barrel Cat Beds Put The Nap In Napa

More fun than a barrel of monkeys? Well, yeah – those monkeys are totes annoyed at being cooped up in there! These recycled wine barrel cat beds from the CatsPlay cat furniture superstore, on the other hand, are the epitome of fun even though no actual wine is included.

What you DO get, however, is a wall-mountable cat bed made recycled from a retired Napa Valley wine barrel. The bed is designed to hang safely and securely using 2 heavy duty hooks, and it takes mere minutes to install using the included mounting hardware and screws.

Recycled Wine Barrel Cat Beds Put The Nap In Napa

CatsPlay's wine barrel beds look fantastic: instead of cheap plastic, each bed reflects the rich luster of cast steel and solid oak wood. The beds measure approximately 23" long by 7" tall and 12" deep. They've been real-world-tested by a 28-pound cat who would gladly flash a thumbs-up... if only he had thumbs.

Looking to add a dash of California's wine country to your humble abode? A retired and recycled Napa Valley wine barrel cat bed is one way to do it! Each purchase includes the bed frame, machine-washable bedding,“plus a bunch of extra goodies from the shop, our treat.” For more info, images and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at CatsPlay.