You may not own anything that's made of Merino wool, but your cat... Your CAT has to have it.  Ah, why not?

Meowfia Merino Wool Cat Bed

Meowfia Merino Wool Cat Cave Bed


What Is Merino Wool And Why Is It So Special?

Merino wool is said to be the softest wool in the world. But it is not just soft; it is strong. Merino wool is a superior insulator in winter and exceptionally aerating in summer. It even absorbs odors. And it's easy to clean with a comb or soft brush and spots are easily removed with soft rag and water; add a little Woolite if necessary.

Here are some beautiful Merino sheep. You can see how soft and fine their wool is, and also how thick it is.


Merino sheep

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Aren't these sheep beautiful?  Their wool grows fast, so it must be sheared at least once a year.  They need a relatively cold, wet climate with expansive fields of green grass to graze. New Zealand and Australia are most well-known for Merino wool production, but there are other places throughout the world that raise merino sheep.  In the U.S., the Merino sheep are raised mainly in New England. Vermont, best known for its maple syrup, actually has been raising Merino sheep since the early 1800's when, as a U.S. Consul, William Jarvis took advantage of Napoleon's invasion of Spain to bring back a few Merino sheep to Vermont.  At that time, Spain had changed its policy to allow the export of Merino sheep so that Napoleon Bonaparte would not "squander the Merino flocks." (source)

You don't see much Merino wool clothing for humans outside of the pricier stores, but these stylish and beautifully handmade cat caves, now selling on Amazon, are really quite reasonable for the price.


Hand-Crafted Merino Wool Cat Caves At Reasonable Prices

Most of these cat caves are handmade in Nepal.  They are felted from 100 percent Merino wool using special non-toxic processes, so the material is safe for you and your cats. The cat caves come in different sizes and colors, and they can all be turned inside out to let your cat just perch on it. Some of them even come with Merino wool cat toys!

CatCatCat Wool Cave Bed with 3 Wool Balls


CatCatCat Cat Cave Bed + 3 Wool Ball Cat Toys

CatCatCat Merino Wool Cave Bed with 3 Wool Balls


Here are a few more of my favorite Merino wool cat caves....


This Meowfia Merino Wool Felt Cat Cave has a knitted border which is really sweet...

Mewofia Merino Wool Felt Cat Cave

Meowfia Merino Wool Felt Cat Cave


These La Sharma Cat Caves are quite sharp and can be wonderful accent pieces for your living areas....

La Sharma Merino Wool Felted Cat Caves

La Sharma Merino Wool Felted Cat Caves

Kittycentric makes a similar design, and its Cozy Cat Cave Bed can be made to lie flat when turned inside out.

Kittycentric Merino Wool Cat CaveKittycenter Merino Wool Cat Cave

Kittycentric Merino Wool Cozy Cat Cave Bed


Oh, here's an adorable cat 'pueblo' from Earthtone Solutions.... These come in six colors and patterns.

Earthtone Solutions Cozy Pueblo

Earthtone Solutions Cozy Pueblo

You'll have to see them all for yourself; what a treat for your cat and for your decor! These Merino wool cat caves are all beautiful and guaranteed to please your SPOILED CAT!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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