Really Great Cat Litter – yes, that's its actual name – is made from fully biodegradable ingredients that are good for your cat AND the planet.    

Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw

Cats are cool, there's no denying it. Cleaning up after them, on the other hand... let's just say the traditional litter box experience isn't anything to write home about. Aside from teaching your furry BFF how to use the toilet (not unheard of but not recommended), there's not much We Who Live To Serve Our Feline Overlords can do to make kitty's ablutions (and the maintenance thereof) less stressful, smelly and messy... until now!

Enter Really Great Cat Litter from cat furniture and accessories emporium Tuft + Paw. This sustainable, biodegradable and 100% flushable – even in septic tank systems – cat litter is “made by cat people for you and your really great cat.”

Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw

Really Great Cat Litter is composed of just 5 ingredients: Soybean Fiber, Corn Starch, Corn Flour, Guar Gum and Charcoal. The main ingredient (soybean fiber) is a fibrous byproduct of the soy industry that would normally be disposed of in landfills.

This revolutionary cat litter is formulated to be 99% dust-free and, of course, the ingredients are non-toxic and safe for cats and their owners. It clumps quickly and satisfyingly, the charcoal helps reduce odor, and it breaks down completely when immersed in water.

Really Great Cat Litter from Tuft + Paw

Really Great Cat Litter works well with any standard cat litter box including Tuft + Paw's own Haven Litter Box Enclosure, Rifiuti Litter Box Enclosure, and Cove Litter Box previously featured here.

Last but not least, Tuft + Paw offers a stress-free money back guarantee “if you (and your cat) don't love your new litter.” For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Tuft + Paw.

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