Let sleeping bears lie... in your family room! These giant bear cushions are designed to look realistic while offering comfort and support. Don't try that in the wild, kids.

Realistic Giant Bear Cushions

If your home decor's a tad too mild, just add some wild... as in wildlife, of the ursine variety. Not REAL bears, mind you – too much of that happens in real life – but giant stuffed bear ottomans that look for all the world like a mama grizzly and her cub stopped off for a snooze and are fixin' to stay.

Realistic Giant Bear Cushions

These bodacious bears are part of the Picasso series of animal-themed home interior furnishing items from Japanese online retailer Dinos. The bears are basically bean-bag cushions stuffed with thousands of tiny polystyrene beads that provide welcome support without the use of springs, foam and framing.

Realistic Giant Bear Cushions

So, looking for some “bear” necessities to complete your awesome room décor? This pair 'o bears makes for an umm, ursa major upgrade over a boring ottoman... no offense, folks of Turkish heritage.

You'll find more info on these strikingly comfortable and unexpectedly realistic-looking bear cushions at the Dinos product page. Ideally, your order will arrive in time for the next televised Bruins game. (via Grape and PR Times)


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