A majestic snow-white bull moose sporting an impressive rack of frosty antlers was recorded beating the summer heat in a chilly lake in western Sweden.

Rare White Moose Snapped Skinny-Dipping In Sweden

If we can call the pallid ruminant “Moby Elk”, then local councillor Hans Nilsson can be its Cap'n Ahab... though the latter is armed with a camera instead of a harpoon. “This white elk (moose are commonly called elks in Europe) bull is local to the area,” explained Nilsson to a reporter from The Local.

“I saw it the evening before too, that was the first time," he added. "On Friday evening when I shot the video everything fell into place, the location, the light and the calmness.”

Rare White Moose Snapped Skinny-Dipping In Sweden

It's estimated about 50 white moose roam the forests and meadows of Eda, a municipality in Varmland County in west central Sweden, just east of the Norwegian border. That may seem like a lot but there are a LOT of moose in Varmland, a 6,800 square mile county with a human population of roughly 273,000 of which only about 8,500 live in Eda.

Nilsson's short video of the white moose has gone viral since he posted it on his Facebook page August 11th with over 638,000 views at press time.