Needles to say, it's an une-quilled delight to spot a rare albino porcupine roaming the woods in Windham, Maine on a snowy winter's day.

Rare Albino Porcupine Waddles Through Wintery Windham Woods

Greg Strand was hunting in the woods near Windham, Maine late one afternoon when the sound of an approaching creature stopped him in his tracks. Ducking down to the snow-covered forest floor, Strand witnessed an astonishing sight: two porcupines; one dark and the other white as a ghost!

“I knew it was special,” explained Strand to a reporter from NBC affiliate NEWS CENTER Maine. “Porcupines usually get a pretty bad rap. We hear about how dogs get into them. But to actually see them in the wild, peaceful and as cute as they are, was really interesting.”


The pair Strand witnessed (and, thankfully, filmed for the wider world to enjoy) appeared to be parent and offspring with the smaller albino creature dutifully following its larger companion. It isn't easy to pick out the rare – though not unheard of – albino porcupine considering the time of day and time of year but as the video above illustrates, it's real and it's spectacular!

After Strand's wife Donna posted the video to her Facebook account, news of the encounter spread virally with well over 760,000 views notched by the NEWS CENTER Maine site alone. As experts estimate only one out of roughly 10,000 porcupines are born as albinos, Strand's experience was as rare as it was special... which, some might say, is the whole “point”.


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