Meet Rademenes, a very special feline with a very important job as Cat Nurse at an animal clinic in Poland where he has been living since 2014. As a sick, abandoned kitty himself, he learned the power of love and support, which he now gives with an open heart to other suffering animals.


Cat Nurse Rademenes
Photo: BrightSideMe

An Animal Near Death Comforts Others

Given up for adoption at the age of only two months, this sweet, black kitten developed a serious upper respiratory infection. He arrived at the Polish animal shelter in excruciating pain, and his well-meaning owners brought him there to be euthanized. But doctors were touched by his precious personality and decided to give him a second chance. Because his condition was so contagious, the cat had to be quarantined from other animals until the veterinarian was certain he would pull through. With the staff's devoted love and care, the adorable cat made a quick and full recovery. (See: Shadow The Flying Therapy Dog.)

In a most bizarre turn of events, Rademenes began to care for the other animals at the shelter. Thus, he earned the nickname, "Cat Nurse." Comfort comes in the form of cat hugs and warming other animals up with his own body as they rest  and recover. He is also known to lick their ears in a nurturing gesture of animal communion. Today, this cat is almost a full time employee and shelter employees witness his loving handiwork every day, as those animals he comes in contact with recover much faster than others. (See: Monkeys Save Man Lost in Bolivian Jungle.)


Cat Nurse  At Work
Photo: Animal

Is It Instinct Or Learned Behavior?

As a sick, abandoned kitty that was saved  by his rescuers, did Rademenes somehow learn the importance of returning love and support? Maybe no one can ever really say, but it somehow seems so because he so lovingly gives back to other sick shelter animals. According to shelter veterinarian, Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich:

"Maybe he knew he was near the end and began fighting for his life. Whatever the case, he was soon as right as rain...Now he cuddles and hugs other sick animals. He cleans them, sleeps with them and pays particular attention to those suffering  from serious disease. We joke that he is now one of our full time nurses." (See: Rescued Cat Becomes Night Nurse.)

Good, job, sweet cat!

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