Racing Greyhounds Mistreated By Man & Nature

There are two major issues facing the livelihood of racing greyhounds today.

Mother Nature wreaked havoc when Hurricane Irma ravaged the southeast this past September. Both man and beast faced climactic upheaval greater than any other hurricane in recent history. However, having time and concern to thwart damage, injuries and death is our job as animal advocates - and neglect in not protecting our animals is unacceptable.

Secondly, it’s dog trainers [not Mother Nature] who dope greyhounds to enhance their performance on racetracks. Such abuse is cruel and inhumane, and needs to be stopped immediately.

What is being done to protect these magnificent canines when faced with these threats? Today’s post will address both pressing issues.

GREY2K USA address lack of hurricane preparedness

Formed in 2001, GREY2K USA has now gone worldwide. It is the largest greyhound protection organization that assists these dogs globally. As a non-profit entity, this organization diligently works to pass stronger greyhound protection legislation. Two of their main goals is to end the cruelty of dog racing — and to promote the rescue and adoption of greyhounds worldwide.

As Irma hit Florida’s coastline with Category 5 winds, GREY2K USA received a report that 700 greyhounds were at-risk at a single kennel in Miami-Dade County, in addition to 900 more in St. Petersburg. The Florida Greyhound Association, whose members own these dogs, had no plans for evacuation.

“The greyhound racing industry puts dogs at risk on the track, but its level of negligence in not having sound emergency preparedness plans in a state prone to hurricanes should be a wake-up call to emergency management officials and other state officials,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States.  “When you have this number of dogs at a single facility, you face the potential of enormous loss of life if a catastrophic storm makes a direct hit.”

“Every kennel with hundreds of dogs should have emergency plans, including a plan for evacuation and locations to bring dogs in advance of a huge storm,” added Carey Theil, president of GREY2K USA. “The greyhound industry should no longer be allowed to roll the dice with dogs and hope that a massive storm misses their kennel.”

GREY2K USA address positive drug testing . . .

Racing greyhounds have repeatedly tested positive for serious drugs over the years. From January 2014 to May 2017, GREY2K USA has documented over 200 violations in all seven racing states, including drug positive tests for cocaine, ractopamine, anabolic steroid metandienone, and industrial solvent dimethyl sulfoxide.

Anabolic steroid use – and in many cases specifically testosterone – has come under scrutiny in other countries. In 2010, the Anti-Doping and Medication Control Review Board evaluated Great Britain's medication and drug policies for racing greyhounds. On the use of testosterone to suppress a bitch's "heat," the Board wrote, "We can see no justification, on ethical or welfare grounds, for the use of an androgenic ('masculinising') drug in a racing bitch and urge that the use of testosterone be prohibited as soon as possible."

You can help . . .

If you are a concerned citizen or a non-profit organization with a website, you can assist in preventing malfeasance when it comes to protecting greyhounds from hurricanes, doping and other acts of cruelty.

The following initiatives are ways you can become involved:

  • Email your friends, family and co-workers to inform them about the cruelty of greyhound racing. Use the GREY2K USA message or customize your own here.
  • Contact Governors who represent states with greyhound tracks, and let them know that dog racing must end. 
  • Voice your opinion! See instructions on how to work with media here.
  • Let your state lawmakers know that greyhound protection issues are important, and that you are counting on their support.
  • Join GREY2K USA in signing petitions to bring the cruelty of greyhound racing to the attention of lawmakers here.
  • If you represent a non-profit organization with a website, or have a personal website, you can direct people to the GREY2K USA campaign to end the cruelty of dog racing by adding a web link from your site to GREY2K USA.


Adopt. Adopt. Adopt.

For those who want to make a major commitment where racing greyhounds are concerned, GREY2K USA can help you adopt. As long as dog racing exists, greyhounds will be overbred and discarded by racetracks.

This is not only a ‘Florida’ or ‘USA’ issue.  Concerned animal lovers around the world are working to rescue greyhounds from the hardship endured by a racing life. GREY2K USA offers direct connections to rescue groups and also provides general adoption information.

There are many greyhounds waiting to be adopted worldwide. Whether you live in a racing state or not, many dogs are waiting for loving homes. Consider making a new friend today! Start here.

Primary Source: GREY2K USA