A quokka walks into a bar... but it's no joke to the Australian government, who really don't care how much the critter is enjoying your facial massage.

Quokka Massaging Pub Patron Could Face A Hefty Fine

Quokkas (Setonix brachyurus) – endangered marsupials native to Western Australia – have few predators in their remaining native range and generally have little fear of humans. A pub patron on Rottnest Island, home to roughly 10,000 of the vaguely mole-like critters found this out first-hand (so to speak) when a curious quokka walked up to some customers slaking their thirst at the pub's outdoor patio.

One of the group began massaging the quokka's furry face and neck... either their technique was exemplary or the quokka just liked being stroked. Maybe both! As seen in a short video posted to YouTube by RM Videos, the quokka appears to close its eyes, grin, and drift off into bliss.

Now don't go booking flights to WA in hope of massaging quokkas – human interaction with the IUCN-listed “Vulnerable” creatures is severely discouraged by the Rottnest Island Authority to the tune of a A$300 (around US$230) fine. In short, keep your hands off that quokka mole-y, matey, it's nacho pet! (via UPI


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