A carpet python in Australia made a bid for TV stardom but unfortunately chose the wrong side of the small screen.   

Python On TV Gets Low Ratings From Homeowners

File this one under “First World Problems – Australia Edition”. In the wee hours of a weekday morning, a medium-sized Carpet Python decided to live the celeb lifestyle.

Of course, that means hitting the booze and basking in the warmth of the television spotlight. N&S Snake Catcher of Brisbane shared the partying reptile's back-story along with several photos on their Facebook page.

Python On TV Gets Low Ratings From Homeowners

“This cheeky carpet python decided to wake up the owners of this house in Brisbane at 2 a.m. in the morning,” read the photos' caption, “by knocking down some alcohol in the bar area, as it had to find a nice warm spot behind the TV.”

Awakened by the ruckus, the Brisbane family called up N&S to do that voodoo that they do so well: gently removing the python from behind the flat-screen TV and releasing it back into the wild. No word if the snake signed any contracts or endorsed any particular brands of booze during its brief fling with fame. (via UPI)