“Purrmanently Sad Cat”, or PSC for short, could just be the latest internet kitteh sensation. One of a litter of otherwise cheerful-looking kittens born in New Orleans, PSC sports a furry facemask of tragedy that belies her true life as a happy and pampered feline.

“My cat recently had a litter of kittens,” explains 21-year-old Ashley Herring, a waitress from New Orleans. “My roommate and I realized this one kitten's sad face one day when we were watching them learn to walk around in my room. She was waddling around and we looked at her and both just went Oh. My. God. She looks so depressed! Perma-sad face!”

After snapping PSC's sour puss and passing the pic around her circle of friends, Herring posted it online “one night when I couldn't sleep, just for a few laughs. Didn't really expect her to become so popular!” Welcome to the internet, Miss Herring (and PSC).

Lest anyone fear for the well-being of this fragile female feline, Herring wants to assure the wide world that PSC is living a life of Louisiana luxury – she may have been born on the bayou but she's as happy as the owner of a bead factory at Mardi Gras.

“She likes cuddling,” elaborates Herring, “nibbling on my fingers (especially knuckles), hiding under the bed, taking very long well-deserved naps, and trying to get her mommy Khaleesi to play with her.” Sounds like a plan... for a reality show! Hey, anything's better than Honey Boo-Boo or the Kardashians (except if HBB married into the Kardashians – I'd pay to watch that!).

Of course, there are those who doubt PSC's crestfallen expression is somehow unnatural, “The original picture was not photoshopped,” stresses Herring, “it just happened to be the right picture taken at the right moment.” And PSC, your moment may have just arrived. (via New York Daily News)



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