Wouldn't you love to know what your dog is up to while you're away at work or play?  You can.  Just hook her up to Twitter via Puppy Tweets and you'll get her text messages every time she makes a move... near the USB device, that is.




Dog wearing his Puppy Tweets deviceDog wearing his Puppy Tweets device


Puppy Tweets USB dongle and motion detectorPuppy Tweets USB dongle and motion detector


Puppy Tweets is an electronic device by toy maker Mattel that attaches to your dog's collar and responds to her movements, sending signals to a USB dongle on your computer.  Her signals, in turn, send scripted tweets to her Twitter account - which you have set up for your dog, of course - which you can read as text messages.

Now, don't expect the tweets to have anything to do with what your dog is actually doing.  Puppy Tweets is a novelty toy. 

Within about 100 feet of the dongle, you might get a tweet that reads" Who needs Ambien when you've got a chew toy and the warm sun?"  Or, "It might look like I'm sleeping, but I'm also working on my tan."  Or, "My "puppy-dog eyes" seem to have no effect on the pantry door."  There are about 500 of the silly, sometimes funny, tweets programmed into the Puppy Tweet device.

Most customers agree that Puppy Tweets is great as a novelty device.  It's good for some laughs, and I understand the Tweets are pretty funny.  You can purchase Puppy Tweets at Amazon.com.  It comes with a Puppy Tweets dog tag, USB dongle, a 3V lithium battery, and instructions.

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