Signs are you're not scooping where your dog's been pooping so this de-scent selection of poop & scoop signs will remind you to promptly pick up what your pup leaves behind.

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs


1) One Word, One Job

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

Dog owners take their pets for walkies in order to get some fresh air and exer- er, no, we all know the REAL reason you're out there in weather conditions that would defeat even the most dedicated postman. That said, not everyone wants Man's Best Friend fouling Man's Next Door Neighbor's Lawn, and there are plenty of signs stating just that.

Well, haters gonna hate and dogs gonna poop so dog owners... gotta scoop to leave no trace of their presents – yes, we said “presents”. Signs like those above state, boldly and clearly, what YOUR job is after Fido does his or her job. (poop & scoop sign images above via Andrew Taber Bain and at top via Tricia           


2) You Madre, Bro?

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

Minimalism is great and all but the City of Sierra Madre would rather use TEN words where Savannah only used one... and managed to make their message LESS clear.

To the point, was it really necessary to include the word “dog” in brackets when describing the nature of the poop to be scooped? Methinks the City of Sierra Madre has bigger problems then pooping dogs. (poop & scoop sign image via Matthew Dillon)                           


3) Monkey See, Monkey Doo-Doo

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

Passive-aggressive much? As if following a “lower creature” around and collecting its droppings wasn't shameful enough, the anonymous sign-writer felt the need to double-down on the shaming so as not to leave anyone – dogs included – out of the poop scoop loop.

We have a better idea: instead of coercing socially responsible behavior from people who can't be bothered to practice it, just find that talented dog from the picture and hire it to do the necessary poop-scoopin'. As a bonus, they'll simply eat what they can't bag. (poop & scoop sign image via David Gaines)                                  


4) Bird-Doggin'

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

Did someone's freshly washed and waxed car get pooped on one time too often? Revenge may be sweet but a pooped-in bird bath is just nasty... most especially for the birds doing the bathing.

Looking on the bright side, at least this yard is free from left-behind waste. The dark side, however, is waste as far as you can see. Or as far as the crow flies, just light on the crows but heavy on the flies. Yuk! (poop & scoop sign image via Infrogmation of New Orleans)                              


5) Army Of Barkness

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

Scoop that poopdeck and- wait, that's the Navy, there are no poopdecks in the Army BUT IF THERE WERE, you bet your boot camp some R. Lee Ermey-esque DI will order you to scoop it – ideally, with a toothbrush.

You gotta love this sign – it's bold, in your face, and takes no prisoners. Gotta love the “No pile left behind!” line too, even if the private pile was left by Private Pyle's pooch. (poop & scoop sign image via Lulu Hoeller                              


6) Irish Eyes Are Smellin'  

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

Ennis Town Council ain't fartin' around when they tell you to “Scoop The Poop”. Don't even think about doin' a drop & dash (dump & jump? squat & trot?) lest ye be apprehended by the Gardai.  

So be sure to get out your scoop – it's a darned sight better than having to get out your wallet and fork over a fine that rises to a maximum of €1269.74 depending upon, we assume, the “weight” of the transgression. And yeah, you'd better believe they're not going to make change. (poop & scoop sign image via Amos)                             


7) Scoop Before You Poop

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

Honestly, we're not really sure what's going on here but we appreciate The Management plainly stating their preferred scoop to poop ratio... or is that poop to scoop? At least they say “please”, though the fact the scoop is chained to the er, chained to something makes us nervous.

According to the photographer, this sign was snapped at the “toilets on Mount Shasta at the Horse Camp” so the stuff in the box that looks like wood chips is possibly being used for people or horses. Kinda makes you long for the three seashells, huh? (poop & scoop sign image via iwona_kellie)                               


8) Stooped Is As Scooped Does

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

We heard Newfoundland Dogs are kinda big and here's the proof: the local dog poop depository's a freakin' 55-gallon oil drum! You'll need to fortify yourself with plenty of Screech before attempting to empty that mutha, especially if it's summertime.

While pickin' up after your ponderous pitch-black pooch might take considerable effort, you'd best grin and bear it: as the sign states, “In St. John's it's the law”. More like it's the law'd tunderin, amirite? (poop & scoop sign image via Joseph Novak)                              


9) The Bear Necessities

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

Poor old Smokey the bear thought he had it made – lifetime employment with nothing to do but admonish careless campers. Sorry Smokey, times are tough and it's time to put that government-issued shovel to good use. Can you dig it... up?

Thanks to this sign, we learned that “dogs don't have opposable thumbs” but presumably bears do. Must be true, otherwise how do they put on their forest ranger hats? (poop & scoop sign image via Joe Wolf                           


10) Scoopy Do

The Top 10 Dog Poop & Scoop Signs

Plain-speaking and good-looking, our tenth and final poop & scoop sign gets the message across without resorting to clever (or not) wordplay or incongruous imagery.

Seriously, this isn't rocket science: leave a poop, take a poop. Or, take a poop and leave no trace of a poop, or something to that effect. Y'know what? We need these signs, and with that said, we're signing off. (poop & scoop sign image via Scott Akerman)