Remember those paddles you used to play around with when you were much younger? You know, the ones that looked like ping pong paddles, only they had this bouncy ball attached to them?

They're one of the simplest toys around, but they can provide you with hours worth of fun and entertainment. That, and they help you develop some mad coordination skills and flexibility, too.


There are so many computer games and video gaming consoles out there nowadays, and all the time I see kids so engrossed with their handheld devices that they can just sit still all day while playing it. Well, these Puppy Paddles will get them standing, that's for sure.

They're essentially the paddles I told you about earlier, except that they've got the faces of extremely adorable puppies printed all over them. Various dog breeds are included in the photo, and my favorite dog breed, the Lab, is one of those.

These Puppy Paddles are available for super cheap so you can get a whole set. Or you can get them individually at for less than $4. What do you think? Do they look fun?

Update: In addition to the Puppy Paddles, there are a whole variety of paddles you can get, including a set of 12 Zoo Safari Animals and a set of really cute Farm Animals.

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