Puppy Bumpers

Puppy Bumpers


One of the personal kicks I get from writing pet blogs is finding a really clever new product created by a 'garage inventor' - someone, usually a pet parent with an issue unmet by the big pet manufacturers, whose product is selling successfully.

Though I'm late to discover Puppy Bumpers® and their inventor Anne Price, as they've been on the market since 2008, I still want to commend the inventor and help to make her product more visible to dog owners if I can.

Like most inventions, Puppy Bumpers came about because Price had a need, in her case it was a need to keep her little Maltese from getting through the bars of baby gates.

How many dogs have you seen trying to get through the bars of their owners fences or outdoor gates? With her invention, the Puppy Bumper, Price solved troubling issues for many dog owners. After all, dogs do get their heads stuck between the bars of gates and fences, and some dogs can even manage to crawl through.


Puppy Bumpers


Puppy Bumpers not only keep dogs from getting out of your yard, they are potential life savers, preventing dogs from being strangled in fence openings and keeping them from falling off a balcony, or getting hit by a car!



Wearing a Puppy Bumper, a dog can be left alone in their fenced yards, and dog parents are freed from having to monitor dogs when they are outside. 

Puppy Bumpers are made for small dogs (neck size up to 10 inches) and medium dogs (neck size from 10 to 13 inches). They come in dozens of colors and patterns, which vary from time to time. Materials for each may be different also. The original Puppy Bumpers are made of polyester fiberfill with 100 percent cotton coverings.


Puppy Bumper

Puppy Bumpers (cotton and fiberfill)


The inner straps loop around your pet's collar and the front snap keeps the collar closed and stable on your dog's neck.

Now there are many more patterns and outer shells, like glow-in-the-dark and waterproof fabrics. The style below is made with reflective material so you can still see where your dog is wandering at night!


Reflective Glow Puppy Bumper

Refective Glow Puppy Bumper


And here's a cool Rainy Day Puppy Bumper that's water resistant!


Rainy Day Puppy Bumper

Rainy Day Puppy Bumper


On this page you'll find Puppy Bumpers for every occasion - even holidays! Oh... did I mention how pleased buyers are with the Puppy Bumper. It has hundreds of super reviews!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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