Why is 13 the lucky number for 78 adoptable puppies competing in Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XIII on February 5, 2017?

Because, no doubt, all of those pups will find loving families to adopt them.


Rehearsal for Puppy Bowl XIII

Rehearsal time at Puppy Bowl XIII

From 34 shelters in 22 states, the 78 pups - half starters, half back-up players - on #TeamFluff or #TeamRuff will compete for the championship, although the exact rules and plays may be hard to follow for humans.  What might interest you though is seeing whether or not the pups behave true to their heritage - that information yielded by DNA tests, thanks to Embark, and provided to the audience by the announcers during the competition.

Here's a short preview of the event!  It's really fun for the pups - you can tell....


This year the Puppy Bowl will include the participation of three dogs with special needs: Doobert, who is deaf; Lucky, who is three-legged; and Winston, who is both hearing and sight impaired.  They will play hard too, and certainly want to win loving homes.

During half-time of the Puppy Bowl, you'll be entertained by the feline musical group Chicago Rock Cats, starring Kitty Gaga, singing Puparazzi to adorable, adoptable rescue kittens.

Mascots and cheerleaders - chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, an owl, and an African parrot - provided by various wildlife refugees, will also be entertaining in their unique ways.

Whether you watch the Super Bowl or not, the Puppy Bowl will be the highlight of your day.  It will be shown every hour on Animal Planet from 12:00 P.M. West Coast/3:00 P.M. East Coast, repeating on Animal Planet television stations for 10 consecutive hours.

Puppy Bowl XIII puppy contestant

Puppy takes a "money shot" before the Puppy Bowl


If you should miss the show on the fifth, AnimalPlanet/PuppyBowl will have information on where you can see the show after February 5.

Photo credits: Animal Planet


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