This  Maine Coon-mix named Pudding surprised her new owners when she proved to be a loyal friend and hero by alerting her brand new caretaker that she was in danger from an impending diabetic convulsion.

It Took Just 8 Hours For Pudding To Bond With Her New Caretakers

How much time it takes for a new pet to bond with its owner is a question the answer of which has come sharply into focus with the actions of Pudding the cat. Last winter, just hours after adopting Pudding from the Door County Humane Society in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Amy Jung suffered a diabetic attack while sleeping and came very close to slipping into an irreversible coma. (See: Tink The Cat Saves Family From Fire.)


Pudding The Cat
Pudding the Cat


Amy said that the family wasn't really at the  shelter for the purpose of adopting a new pet,  but Pudding, an orange Maine Coon-mix, "owned me the minute our eyes met." They took Pudding home and the household had gone to bed about 9:30 that night. Some ninety minutes later, Amy, a type 1 diabetic, began to convulse in her sleep. She was suddenly awakened by something heavy and warm on her chest. It was Pudding, who as heroes do, lost no time in jumping into action. She pounced on her new owner's chest, swatting her face softly with her big paws and bit her nose to make her wake up. (See: Lulu The Pot-Bellied Pig Saves Owner From Heart Attack.)


Pudding The Cat in Playful Mode
Pudding The Playful Cat


When she cried out her son's name, 'Ethan,' Pudding went on to complete her task and scampered down the hall to the little boy's room. She pounced on the 7 year-old, forcing him out of a deep slumber. The boy ran to his mother's room and telephoned his father, Mathew, 35, who was away on a business trip. He gave his son instructions over the phone as to how to inject his mother with insulin and soon Amy recovered. She credits her courageous son and quick-witted hero cat for saving her life. She said: "Somehow, Pudding learned Ethan's name within hours of coming home with us." (See: Half-Breed Wolf Rescues Elderly Couple in Snowstorm.)


Pudding And Grateful owner
Pudding and Grateful Owner

After this harrowing incident, Amy registered Pudding as a therapy cat. These days, Pudding receives guests in between sleeping, eating and lounging comfortably wherever she wants around the house. Don't let her laziness fool you. She is a feline dynamo, ready to spring into action whenever she senses that Amy's blood sugar is low. She meows loudly at her feet  and won't stop until she takes her medicine.

Amy has only two words to describe her amazing hero cat: "She's awesome."

Good job, Pudding!

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