There is nothing better at the end of a long day than to sit down and
put your feet up -- newspaper and drink optional.  You can really do it
in down-home, rustic style with an Animal Ottoman. The faux leather
looks aged and is the perfect look for your hunting lodge, den, cabin,
or your country decor family room.

Dog OttomanDog Ottoman

These fun and whimsical ottomans are sturdy and durable and come in your choice of dog, pig, or donkey. When not in use as a foot stool they liven up the decor of any room. They can also be a place for your toddler to sit and still be a part of the action.

Pig OttomanPig Ottoman

They are also a handy companion -- so that you can at least have the illusion of talking to someone when you are just having a chat with yourself. Something like an extension of that stuffed animal you valued so much as a child. It is just that this one you don't sleep with (and in my case I wouldn't insist on a booster sea for in restaurants).

Donkey OttomanDonkey Ottoman

All three of these delightful animals are available from For the dog, click here. For the pig, click here. For the donkey, click here. Any one of them would make an excellent man-cave-warming gift!

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