HyperPet™ LickiMATS Soother & Buddy LickiMATs

HyperPet™ Soother & Buddy LickiMATs


If your dog snaps up treats like a vacuum and then comes back for more... and more... and more... then maybe you should try providing his treats in HyperPet™ Soother & Buddy LickiMATs.  By keeping your dog from totally whoofing his treats down, he might just appreciate them and you more.

That's what happened with my dog, who was wangling so many treats out of me (Who can resist those plaintive looks?) that I was ordering 5 to 7 bags of treats every two weeks! 

Needless to say, this treat excess was not good for my pup's health or my pocketbook, and lots of his regular healthy dog food went uneaten. I had to change our ways. 


HyperPet LikiMAT Soothers



So I tried HyperPet's two treat mats - the Soother and Buddy LickiMats - and boy, did our relationship change!

My dog, Nukkles, was totally satisfied with the small portions of treats I gave him in the LickiMATS! The mats are each about 7.75" square and about 1/8" thick, and actually feel quite heavy compared to their size. Don't worry about their safety; they are food safe and you can even put them in the microwave and freezer!



HyperPet's LickiMATS

HyperPet™ LickiMATS Soother & Buddy LickiMATs


Each of the LickiMats has its own purpose.

  • The Soother LickiMat is intended for soft or softened treats, like peanut butter, pumpkin, banana, or yogurt. 
  • Buddy LickiMats can hold hard or pliable treats, or even kibble, which fit perfectly in the grooves.


I was excited to try the Soother first and, as I happened to have a very soft banana around, I smoothed a few chunks of it through the grooves, and put it in the freezer so my dog could have a cool treat in this hot weather.


HyperPet Soother LickiMAT

HyperPet Soother LickiMAT (with banana) 


Now, the banana spread above may not look appetizing to you, but my pup was so delighted when I put it on the floor for him, he wagged his tail and looked up at me before he slowly starting licking it. He licked the Soother for several minutes before he decided he'd licked enough and left the Soother about half full for another time. He had never left any treat mid-way through. But he was satisfied... and also pretty calm! 

And that's what the Soother LickiMAT is about - slowing down


HyperPet Soother LickiMAT w/ Nukkles

Nukkles & The Soother LickiMAT


The Soother was created to provide a 'soothing' experience for your dog. 

Ever notice how your dog licks her paws or her tummy? Dogs get pleasure from licking; it calms them down. And cats love to lick as well, so the Soother is perfect for cats as well! You might even spread your cat's canned food through the mat and chill it. Chilling makes the food more solid and less likely to be scarfed up, giving your dog or cat more time to enjoy his treats or food.


HyperPet Buddy LickiMAT

HyperPet Buddy LickiMAT w/ Zuke's Minis


While you can use the Buddy LickiMAT (above) for soft treats, I use it for chewy dog treats like Zuke's and freeze-dried treats, like Pure Bites. Even kibble suddenly becomes more attractive to your dog when it is served in the Buddy LickiMAT. You can use a more maleable treat that you can size perfectly to fit in the food spaces to give your pup a little more challenge. Or use the Buddy as a slow feeder for canned food. The Buddy shown below is the small/medium size, but there is also a Buddy for larger dogs on this Amazon link.


LickiMATS Buddy and Nukkles

Nukkles & The Buddy LickiMAT


HyperPet LickiMATs do not slide on my carpets or tile when my dog eats from them, as their material is heavy and has a slide-resistent bottom. But sliding may depend on how active your dog is when eating from the LickiMATS. If your dog is large, or is an aggressive eater, you might try the Large/Extra Large size. 

You should be in the vicinity of your dog while she's knoshing on her LickiMAT treats. They are not chew toys so watch out for a tendency for your dog to get carried away!


In short, I am really thrilled with the LickiMATs and my pup has already started looking for them when he comes in from his walks. Nukkles and I are not the only ones that love these products; they have hundreds of other great reviews from pet parents!


P.S. I have not tried this, but HyperPet also makes the LickiMAT Slodog Slow Feeder for dogs...


LickiMAT Slow Feeder For Dogs & Cats

Hyper Pet Slodog Slow Feeder Mat


... but cats who devour their food could certainly use a SloDog Slow Feeder too!


Check out other Hyper Pet products here!


That't the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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