Summer always comes earlier than it's scheduled. If I don't discover that on my own, my dog let's me know. Restless and panting, he moves from spot to spot on the hardwood floor and I get the message.

Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat

The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat


So this year I purchased a well-reviewed cooling mat made by the Green Pet Shop. My dog didn't immediately take to it. In fact, though I laid it on a spot he usually frequents to cool himself, he (intentionallly?) lied down next to it. Well, it was new.

So I put the Cooling Mat on top of his orthopedic pet bed. Size medium-large (30 x 20 x 0.02 inches) takes up half of the bed, so the way I saw it, I was giving him a choice - the cloth bed or the cool mat. Maybe he'll even get exposure to just a fraction of the mat so he might feel, with his face or foot, how cool it is.

I stretched out on the mat. It's really sweet. Doesn't get wet, it just gets cool - not cold.  (A great topper for a yoga mat.)

It was about 15 days into the new purchase when I spotted my dog on the cloth part of the orthopedic bed with his front legs stretched out on the mat. The next time, maybe a week after the first experience, he was totally stretched out on The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat, his whole body covering it, and I patted myself on the back for the purchase. He liked it!


The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat

The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat


There are many pet cooling mats available on Amazon. The Green Pet Shop Mat is unique; it has a patented gel formulation activated by pressure. So when your overheated dog or cat gets on the mat, it cools to a comfortable temperature, one just a bit lower than your pet's own body temperature. It's not cold, but cool. After three hours, probably about the time your dog should be getting up anyway, the mat needs to be refreshed. It "resets" in about 15-20 minutes and then it can be used again.

Having used cold water-filled mats myself, I can tell you they warm up fast, and then you have to refill them, so the technology in the self-cooling mats is far more advanced and less messy!

I chose The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat based on the reviews of pet parents. Most of the ratings were very high and cited the material, the coolness, and the flexibility of the mat, including it being lightweight and portable (great for the car!) I purchased this mat for those reasons and for the sizing. It is available in 5 sizes, so I could find one just big enough for my dog's whole body, not just part of him. The sizes are below:


The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat

The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat


My recommendation is to purchase a pad according to the size of your pet lying down as well as her weight.

The reviews of the Cooling Mat were very good, but there were some concerns. The biggest complaint, though not universal, was that the mats are not long-lived, becoming hard and unusable after being stored for a period of time, although several buyers remarked that they did not have this experience over a few years. Interestingly enough, some customers re-purchased the mat even though the first one had hardened. The mat has a 1 year limited warranty.

Another concern was that the Cooling Mat was not strong enough to resist scratching or biting. Well, that's true, so if your dog is likely to scratch hard or bite on this mat, you should not purchase it.

The Green Pet Shop does sell a cover for the Cooling Mat that has good reviews and, most importantly, it doesn't affect the cooling performance of the Cooling Mat.


The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat Cover

The Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat Cover


I did not purchase the Cooling Mat Cover, but some of the reviews suggested that customers could cover it themselves with their own fabrics. I do think the Mat Cover would be very handy for a dog who has a bad grip with his paws, older dogs particularly, as the material offers a traction that the Mat does not.

Yes, I do recommend the Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat, even though there are a few issues with it.  Frankly, those concerns are consistent with other mats of the same type.


P.S. My dog developed a urinary tract infection which makes it painful to 'pee.' As soon as he comes back into the house, he lies down on the Cooling Mat, obviously knowing where to go to get some relief!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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