You love your cat, but you absolutely hate it when kitty doesn’t do her business within the confines of her plastic litter box, and it’s driving you nuts. Don’t worry! I’ve got a handy diagnostic checklist to figure out exactly why the cat is missing her mark.




Is the box too small?

If your kitten has finally matured into a cat, she’ll need a grown-up sized litter box. My little Joy made it perfectly clear when it was time to upgrade hers…




Is the box clean?

Tackling the horrible stench with your trusty scoop and disposable bag always stinks, but it is essential to keep your cat interested in coming back to use the box. If you think it smells bad, kitty’s sense of smell is much sharper, which can lead her to invent “new bathrooms” to keep from having to use the nasty-smelling option.




Does your cat like the litter?

If your cat is used to using a certain type of kitty litter, try to stick to it. Being creatures of routine, they might not appreciate having their litter changed without warning, and they’re not afraid to express their displeasure in the worst of places. If you need to change litter brands, do so by gradually mixing new with the old, and try to avoid scented litter, as that might also set off your cat.




Are there enough litter boxes?

If you live in a large house, or have multiple cats, you’d be surprised how effective setting up another litter box can be, but try to place it in a quiet and private area.

I hope that these tips help to shine the light on your cat’s potty problem! Good luck, cat owners!

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