As with all other pets with toes, it’s a good idea to make sure that your kitty’s paws are healthy. That said, do not expect to trim any claws, unless your cat is incredibly good natured or if you don’t have health insurance…


Although it might be nearly impossible to trim an adult cat’s claws, if you expose your feline to the experience at a young age, she might actually accept future pedicures. The actual process of trimming a cat’s claws is technically similar to how one would treat a dog or bird’s nails, but you will have to gently press on each foot pad to expose its retracted claw. Don’t expect to get all of the cat’s claws trimmed in one sitting, and be sure to give patient kitties a ton of praise even if a single claw is clipped. That extra step might make it a good (or better) experience for your cat.


For the 99% of normal cats who wouldn’t stick around for a claw trimming session, leave plenty of scratching surfaces around your home for her to naturally dull her claws, while removing the old nail sheaths as nature intended. I.E. not embedded in your sofa.

The easiest way to care for your cat’s paws is to take a look at them during a normal cuddle. Watch out for cuts, sores or swelling on your cat’s paw pads and treat them accordingly, especially if it is an “outdoor” cat.


No matter what: DO NOT DECLAW YOUR CAT! Even though the idea of taking the natural razorblades from your destructive kitty sounds nice, the procedure actually removes the bones from the tip of each of your cat’s fingers. Think about how horrific that is for a second- Not only did you take your prized cat to have her fingers chopped off, but she’ll have to live with weeks of painful recovery afterward. Ow!

Sure, the upkeep for your cat’s feet is fairly simple, but it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of kitty’s footsies, right? Take care, cat fans!

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