If you’re looking for a tough, scary and beautiful alpha predator to add to your saltwater aquarium’s ecosystem, look no further than the snowflake moray eel! Here’s a handy guide that all potential snowflake eel owners should appreciate:

Since the snowflake moray eel grows to a maximum length of around 20in, and is an especially hardy fish species, this pretty predator is an excellent addition for aquarium enthusiasts of any skill level. Pet snowflake morays thrive on a varied diet of freeze dried shrimp, crab, krill and other meat, and they really enjoy caves, so be sure to have at least one cave large enough for your eel to hide in. Some snowflake moray fans claim that they can be “trained” to be hand fed, but if you treasure your fingers as much as I do, I wouldn’t recommend trying that.

Although a snowflake moray eel will happily live alongside larger fish in perfect harmony, they will eat any crustaceans and the smallest fish in the tank, and it may accidentally knock over any coral, anemones, or rocks that aren’t tightly anchored down while settling in. It is absolutely essential that you secure the top of the aquarium, because they are expert escape artists! It sure would stink to invest in such a pretty creature, only to find it flopping on the floor the next morning…

(Photo by puuikibeach /Creative Commons via Flickr)(Photo by puuikibeach /Creative Commons via Flickr)

If you have a 30+ gallon aquarium, a winding cave system through its seascape, and a tight lid, consider adopting a snowflake eel into your underwater family. Unless the eel’s neighbors are crabby, they’ll welcome the snowflake with open fins!

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