That’s right! These many-legged millipedes are an easy to care for invertebrate that actually makes for an excellent pet if you’re into crawly critters…

Millipedes are nocturnal arthropods with dozens of legs that can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. Although there is a huge variety of colorful millipedes to choose from, it’s a good thing for invertebrate enthusiasts that they all have similar needs.


To get ready for your millipede pal, you’ll need an aquarium or terrarium, substrate made of sand, sphagnum moss, peat moss, coconut fiber, leaves from hardwood trees such as oak, walnut and beech, etc. and some pieces of bark and sticks for the bug to sleep under all day and climb on all night. A millipede is the complete opposite of a picky eater, as they’ll be more than happy to eat any type of sliced fruits and veggies. Don’t forget to provide a very shallow water dish and to keep the millipede’s home on the moist side so it has plenty to drink!


Although millipedes cannot bite humans, some secrete a toxic chemical from their skin to protect themselves from predators, and the fluid can cause a burning sensation on sensitive skin. Some people may be allergic to this toxin, and anyone who handles one of these cute little buggies should wash their hands immediately afterward. These docile and simple to care for arthropods make for nice, exotic pets for the newbie invertebrate wrangler and bug-brained veteran alike, so consider adopting a millipede the next time you want to bring home a new animal friend!

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