The Princess Cat Bed combines sumptuous plush softness with a plethora of tassels to support your precious purring pet in the style she demands.       

Princess Cat Bed Is A Luxurious Lavender Lounge

Cat owners are well aware their pets will sleep anywhere, anytime and anyplace – rinse, repeat, done. Buy 'em a cozy cat bed and they're just as likely to snooze in the box it came in. That said, we love our kittehs and will continue to put them on pedestals... whether they like it or not!

Which brings us to the Princess Cat Bed. This 35.5cm (about 14 inches) high lavender-hued lounge is about as lofty a pedestal as one can find, stylishly speaking. Its faux-Victorian vibe complements most interior décor schemes, even enhancing them.     

Princess Cat Bed Is A Luxurious Lavender Lounge

The Princess Cat Bed doesn't just look luxurious, it FEELS luxurious too! Lavender-tinted plush polyester fabric covers the entirety of the lounger and the removable, hand-washable, inch-thick cushion that rests on top. Then there are those tassels. Just look at those elegant tassels... LOOK AT THEM! Almost 30 pearly-white tufts encircle the base while another pair dangle delicately from each side of the elegantly curled chair back.

The bed's sturdy wooden frame will support even the chubbiest cats yet the entire bed weighs a mere 4.85kg or 10.7 pounds. It might even support you, though odds are your cat won't let you near the danged thing. Mess with the tassels, you gonna get hassled! For more information and ordering instructions – sticker price is 9,988 yen (just over $90) including tax – please visit the product page at Peppy Pets.