Prime Pet Boxes make great gifts


Doorstep deliveries have changed the lives of shoppers worldwide. With new sites popping up every day offering products and exclusive offers to take advantage of without ever leaving the comfort of home or office, shopping has gotten so much easier it's almost ridiculous.

Many of these opportunities are brought to you by companies that specialize in custom-made packages whose content are chock-full of personalized goodies, and they're not just for people anymore. One of them is Prime Pet Box, and if you're a pet owner and haven't heard of them, then it's time you were acquainted.

Prime Pet Box

Similar to the popular BarkBox model, Prime Pet Boxes are designed for pet owners' convenience with products picked for dogs and cats that include treats, toys and supplies. Whereas BarkBox is geared toward dogs, Prime Pet Box lavishes its bounty on both species, so now your finicky feline doesn't have to feel neglected or left out of the loop when the mailman or delivery driver makes their call.

Pet Product Home Delivery

Sure, you can get your pet supplies delivered directly to your door through Chewy or PetSmart, but the beauty of these customized pet gift boxes is that once you fill out the information about your pet or pets, your packages arrive with handpicked items specifically for them. It not only takes all the uncertainty out of shopping, but it exposes consumers to new products they may not previously have been aware of.

Pet Stores vs Home Delivery

This kind of exposure opens up a whole new world for both pets, tired of the same old thing, and pet owners who don't have the time to mill about pet stores or remain hunched over a screen in search of something that fits the bill. Your criteria is already taken into account when the packages are assembled, removing the guesswork on your end and saving you precious minutes that accumulate into hours over the days, weeks and months of the year.

Gift Boxes

These fun gift boxes are a huge hit with dogs, who recognize the routine after just a few deliveries and go into hyper-excitement mode when they arrive, knowing that the contents are for them. Cats, on the other hand, may not get all that worked up or even recognize the connection between themselves and these deliveries, but you'll know. Better yet, there's no forced minimum subscription with Prime, if it's not for you. It's a one-and-done system through Amazon.

Prime Pet Box Premium Cat Gift Box

One of the best parts about these gift boxes is discovering new products that your pet really likes. Because the treats come in sample-size bags, you're not out of a lot of money if your pet doesn't enjoy them. Same thing with toys. With BarkBox, for instance, all you have to do is update your pet profiles and note which products weren't a hit and you'll never receive them again. In the meantime, the ones they are fond of can be purchased in larger quantities.

Graze for Pets

You can think of it as Graze, those fantastic snack boxes for humans containing healthy treats delivered to your home each month, only in this case they're for pets. The Prime premium cat gift boxes would not only make the purrrfect gift for your cat but the perfect gift for anyone who owns cats. With Christmas just around the corner, you can probably cross one or two people (or cats) off your list today. Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus after all.


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