Working from home offers endless opportunities to reconnect with nature but this moth er, this month, nature's taking the lead.

Pretty Pastel Moths Cheer Up Homeowner's Yard, Wider World

Who says Mother Nature hasn't got a sense of humor, not to mention a sweet tooth? Indeed, the perfectly pastel tones of a Rosy Maple moth seem a perfect match for the strawberry-banana milkshake you only WISH was sitting right in front of you right now!

Kudos to Twitter member Rebecca Lavoie (@reblavoie), who kindly shared her shot of a visiting Rosy Maple moth with the world at large. “This moth exists in nature and it's ON MY DECK,” tweeted Lavoie, a digital director, author and podcaster who works at NHPR (New Hampshire Public Radio). Of course, from the moth's perspective Lavoie's deck was ON MY NATURE but hey, each to his, her or it's own.

Pretty Pastel Moths Cheer Up Homeowner's Yard, Wider World

Lavoie's illustrated tweet has since gone viral with well over a half-million Likes and almost 80k retweets at press time. Even better, many of those who saw her tweet replied with images of beautiful moths they've recently noticed. It's the circle of moth life, or something along those lines.

As for Lavoie, her deck must have some major moth mojo goin' on as a second Rosy Maple moth (Dryocampa rubicunda) has hit the window screen... and was dutifully photographed and tweeted out by the erstwhile Moth Mania Mama. Thanks go out to both the Tweeter and the tweeted for bringing some much-need joy into our pandemic-ly diminished lives!