Presidential Candidate Jon Stewart Saving Abused Animals?

Accomplishing significant change as a private citizen is a monumental feat. So, it dawned on comedian and political activist Jon Stewart that he might consider seeking the highest office in the land. In a Burrard Street Journal release this past week, Stewart wondered out loud for the first time: "wait, why the hell am I not running for President?” 

9/11 First Responders

Stewart was widely lauded by the public for his persistence in securing funding for the first-responders and the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. He fought so hard in a passionate and unselfish manner, that he raised the ire of Trump who this week was pressed to sign the bill that would initiate the funding. For over decade, this bill had been lying dormant. But in so doing, in his typical scornful fashion, he weighed in on the idea of a potential Jon Stewart 2020 ticket.

“Name one thing Jon Stewart has ever done for this country?” Trump said.

The report of Stewart actually considering a run for office is however more than speculative. Since The Burrard Street Journal is an online satirical news website, this posting was obviously more comical than it was factual.

12-Acre Sanctuary for Abused Animals

While Stewart might consider entering the public arena sometime in the future, there is one additional accolade nonetheless that needs to be added to his humanitarian achievements.

Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey purchased a homestead which now acts as a sanctuary for a variety of abused animals. Their plans include opening an educational center on the property, which is located about 50 miles outside of New York City, in Colts Neck, New Jersey.

Presently the couple's retreat at their Bufflehead Farm has provided residency for two pigs, four dogs, three rabbits, two fish and a bird.

The Stewart's are interested in assisting any breed of abused animal, but especially those who have been taken from factory farms.

Their desire is to add as many animals as there is room at the farm, including cows, sheep, chicken, goats, turkeys, and pigs. Jon says that his love for animals was inspired by his wife Tracey, a vegan who wrote a book about how to understand animals.

Could you imagine how many additional animals could be saved from abuse if Jon Stewart truly did consider assuming the number one seat in the land? One can only hope, eh?

Primary Source: Truth Theory